November 15, 2022

NetSuite Customization Deep Dive: Internal Delivery Management

At CEBA Solutions, we specialize in helping NetSuite customers streamline their operations with custom-built software solutions that are native or integrated into the NetSuite platform. Recently, we had a client who needed a delivery management solution to help them handle the scheduling and operation of deliveries from their warehouse to their customers. Our team got to work developing a Delivery Module within NetSuite to meet the client’s needs.

Solution Summary

  • Our client needed a way to manage the fulfilment of their sales orders all the way to their customer’s dock, schedule deliveries, give drivers the ability to take pictures of delivered materials, and take customer signatures
  • We developed a full-service Delivery Module within NetSuite to handle the scheduling and operation of deliveries from the client’s warehouse to their customers
  • The mobile application which is integrated directly with their NetSuite account gives them offline support and synchronization
  • Via the mobile application, delivery drivers can view their route, update delivery status, take pictures and customer signatures
  • Automated the fulfilment and invoicing process of Sales Orders based on completed delivery status.

Developing the NetSuite Delivery Module

Our team worked closely with the client to develop a NetSuite Delivery Module scope that would fit seamlessly into their existing NetSuite account. This module allowed the client to schedule deliveries and track all delivery-related information in one central location.

NetSuite Customization - Internal Delivery Management

NetSuite Mobile Application

Our development team built a mobile application for the client’s delivery drivers. This app gave drivers the ability to view their routes, update delivery status, take pictures and customer signatures, and more – all while offline.

Automating Sales Orders with NetSuite

One of the key features of our Delivery Module was its ability to automate the fulfilment and invoicing process of Sales Orders based on completed delivery status. This automation saved the client a significant amount of time and money by eliminating manual data entry.

Creating a User-Friendly Interface

We designed the mobile application with a user-friendly interface that would be easy for the client’s drivers to use. One of the key outcomes was that the application needed to be simple to use, fast, and cause minimal disruption to the drivers day to day tasks. The result was an app that the client’s drivers were able to use with ease, which helped to improve their overall efficiency.

Capturing Data, Images and Signatures in the Field

Another key outcome of the project was the ability of delivery drivers to capture data, images and signatures in the field to minimize customer disputes. This was important to the client as they needed to be able to track delivered materials and have proof of delivery if there were any issues.

Scheduling and Tracking Deliveries in Real-Time

The client needed a way to schedule deliveries and track them in real time. Our team was able to develop a solution that allowed the client to do just that. The client also plans delivery routes, syncs this information through to the drivers and tracks the status of each delivery in real-time. This gave the client complete visibility over their delivery operation and allowed them to make changes on the fly if needed.

Automating the Fulfillment Process

Once delivery is completed, our Delivery Module automatically fulfils and invoices the associated Sales Order in NetSuite. This helped to streamline the client’s operations and saved them time on administrative tasks.

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Business Impacts of Implementing our Custom Delivery Management Module for NetSuite

The client has seen numerous benefits since implementing our custom Delivery Management Module for NetSuite. They have been able to improve their overall efficiency, save time on manual data entry, and have complete visibility over their delivery operation. In addition, they have been able to automate the fulfilment process of Sales Orders, which has helped to streamline their operations even further. Overall, the client is extremely happy with the results of the project and has seen significant improvements to delivery planning and fulfilment rates, a decline in customer disputes and a reduction in manual and paper-based administration, as well as the errors and unnecessary costs that go along with managing deliveries manually.

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