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"From purchase requisition to supplier payment, every step became traceable and manageable in real-time."

Jeff Zuniga - CFO
PGM of Texas

Learn How PGM of Texas are Using NetSuite to Unlock Global Scalability, Simplifying Subsidiary Management and Streamlining Asset Management.

PGM of Texas, a leading player in the catalytic converter recycling industry, began operations in 2010. Prior to September 2021, PGM of Texas relied heavily on Quickbooks and Excel for its financial operations, fixed assets, and inventory management. The lack of robust workflows and internal control systems, along with the need to maintain servers and infrastructure, proved increasingly burdensome for the growing business

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"NetSuite has significantly enhanced collaboration and communication across our international accounting teams.​"

Holly Crook - Global Operations Manager


Learn How SoftIron Are Achieving Global Financial Consolidation and Streamlining Accounting Workflows with NetSuite OneWorld

SoftIron is a self-hosted data center provider with global operations in eight offices. SoftIron recognized the need to consolidate its accounting processes into a single, globalized system. The company faced challenges with its legacy accounting systems, including complexities in process, difficulties in consolidation, variations in terminologies, and language barriers across different countries. In 2021, they chose NetSuite and partnered with CEBA Solutions for their implementation and managed services requirements.

“Running the business without having a source of truth—or any reliable source of truth, for that matter—was extremely difficult. NetSuite changed everything”​

Rachel Berg - VP of Business & Services Operation

Boosted Boards

The “Tesla of Electric Skateboards” Turned to NetSuite & CEBA to Support its Growth

What do you get when you bring together a group of innovative minds, a world that needs more eco-friendly modes of transportation, and advanced technology tools under one umbrella? For Boosted Boards, those elements fused to form a company that, in its prime, was seen as the “Tesla of electric skateboards or ‘e-skates.’”

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“Once CEBA got involved, the whole situation switched over from irrational discussions to figuring out a clear path to meeting our goals.”​

Patrick Piette - Controller and CFO

Sabbel Foods

Growing Private Label, Sabbel, a Foods Manufacturer, Says CEBA Solutions are “Integral” to its Overall Success

A partnership between Sabre Foods and LaBelle, Sabbel Concepts was founded in 2017 with the goal of manufacturing and distributing private-label brands for the retail marketplace.

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“They weren’t just resellers; they were a team that could really jump in and help us navigate the whole process. CEBA’s ability to give feedback and suggestions on a problem was excellent.”​

Eddy Pintacsi - Founder and CEO

Apex Race Parts

High-performance wheel manufacturer grows to seven times its size with NetSuite Cloud ERP and CEBA’s integration support.

High-performance wheel manufacturer grows to seven times its size with NetSuite Cloud ERP and CEBA’s integration support. With annual revenues that are about seven times higher than they were pre NetSuite, Apex is well braced to scale up and handle even more business in the coming years.

“We needed NetSuite to be able to keep track of quotes, sales orders, billing, and invoicing as we processed these orders.”

​Greg Hames - Senior Staff Engineer

SWIR Vision Systems

Learn How SWIR Vision Systems Are Using Cloud ERP on Their Fast Track to Commercialization

A pioneer in the development of quantum-dot based infrared image sensors, SWIR Vision Systems’ products are used in applications like silicon inspection, laser beam profiling, hyperspectral imaging, chemical and plastics sensing, machine vision imaging, agricultural sensing, surveillance systems, and medical imaging.

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“Xero is great if you're running batting cages or a nail salon, but it's not enterprise-grade and you're not going to go public on that platform.”​

Evan Meagher - Vice President of Finance


Leading eDiscovery Company, Logikcul Works with CEBA Solutions to Implement NetSuite Cloud ERP

Since 2004, Logikcull has been providing eDiscovery services to a wide range of industries and customers. Short for “electronic discovery,” eDiscovery is the process of discovery in civil litigation that’s carried out in electronic formats.

“As we grew our number of units under management, Quickbooks began to break at the seams."​

Antonio Corona - Senior Manager of Finance

Kasa Living

NetSuite Cloud ERP Helps Hospitality Company, Kasa to Manage 200,000+ Unique Reservations.

Founded in 2016 on the idea that short-term rentals were largely hit-or-miss in terms of customer experience and satisfaction, San Francisco-based Kasa Living took the market up a notch by specializing in stylishly-designed, professionally-managed apartments and hotel rooms at sensible prices.

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“We needed a financial accounting platform that could manage invoicing and other tasks automatically, versus having to manually generate 200+ invoices a month.”​

Cal Bin Chan – Senior Finance and Accounting Manager


Growing Software Provider, LeanTaas Saves Time and Reduces Invoicing Errors with NetSuite and CEBA Solutions

Working with CEBA Solutions to implement NetSuite’s revenue recognition model, growing healthcare software provider saves 20 hours a month by not having to manually generate hundreds of invoices.

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“We wanted to be as automated as we can possibly be given our resource constraint. NetSuite has allowed us to do that and more”​

Steve Robertson – CFO


CEBA Helps Global Licensing Organization Get More Out of NetSuite

HDMI technology continues as the leading digital video, audio and data interface that connects ultra high-definition displays to a wide range of consumer electronics, PC, mobile, automotive and commercial AV devices. It also has expanded into enabling solutions for industries such as healthcare, military, aerospace, security and surveillance, and industrial automation.

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