Managing Inventory with NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition

If you’re in the wholesale distribution business, then you know that managing inventory is a critical and complex task. There are many different factors to consider, from seasonal demand fluctuations to unexpected customer orders. That’s why having a reliable inventory management system is so important.

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition is a comprehensive solution that can help you streamline your inventory management process and make your business run more smoothly. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition to manage your inventory.

Improved Accuracy

One of the biggest benefits of using NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition is that it can help you achieve greater accuracy in your inventory management. With NetSuite, you can track inventory levels in real-time, so you always know exactly how much stock you have on hand. This information can be used to inform your purchasing decisions and ensure that you never run out of the products your customers need. In addition, NetSuite can also help you keep track of lot numbers and expiration dates, so you can be sure that the products you’re selling are always fresh and of the highest quality.

Greater Efficiency

Another benefit of using NetSuite to manage your inventory is that it can help you achieve greater efficiency in your business operations. NetSuite’s integrated system means that all of your inventory data will be stored in one central location. This will save you time when retrieving information or running reports. In addition, NetSuite’s automated features will help you streamline processes and reduce errors. For example, NetSuite can automatically generate purchase orders based on reorder points, so you never have to worry about manually placing orders or forgetting to order products when stock is low.


Better Customer Service  

Finally, using NetSuite inventory management software can also help you provide better customer service. With NetSuite, you can keep track of customer purchase history and preferences, so you can quickly and easily locate the products they need. In addition, NetSuite’s built-in CRM functionality will give you visibility into all aspects of the customer relationship, from sales inquiries to after-sales support issues. This information can be used to provide customized service that exceeds customer expectations and builds long-term loyalty.



If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your wholesale distribution business, then look no further than NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition. NetSuite can help you achieve greater accuracy in your inventory management, improve efficiency in your business operations, and provide better customer service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your business with NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition.