NetSuite Customization Deep Dive: Loan Management

CEBA Solutions excels in developing software solutions that are either native or integrated into the NetSuite platform. We aim to help NetSuite customers streamline and simplify their operations.

We were approached by a long-time NetSuite customer who was aware of the flexibility that the NetSuite Development platform offered users. The company wanted to be able to manage customer loans on-platform. The solution needed to create NetSuite transactions that were fully searchable and reportable, as well as integrated to other aspects of NetSuite, including customer portal, opportunity management and document management.

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Solutions Summary

Our solution consists of the following components:

  • Custom NetSuite Loan Management fields and forms
  • Integration with third-party document electronic signing provider (Docusign) to streamline customer loan documents
  • Creation of custom transaction types, sublists and search filters for loan management
  • Use NetSuite Opportunities to track underwriting and pre-sign-off project activities.
  • Creation of a customer portal allowing customers to view and manage their loans, request disbursements for vendors, and make pay downs against the loan.

Developing NetSuite Loan Management Functionality

The NetSuite Loan Management solution was developed from the ground up to provide a solution that aligned with the unique requirements of this client.

Custom Transaction Type Creation

We created a custom transaction type that allowed customers to enter loan information such as borrower, principal balance, interest rate and payment schedule. This was integrated with the customer’s existing accounting processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data entry.

Integration of Third-Party Document Signing Provider

The solution also incorporated integration with a third-party document signing provider, DocuSign. This enabled customers to easily manage loan documents and request signatures on those documents electronically.

Custom Forms for Loan Management

In addition, we created custom forms for loan management in NetSuite that provided customers with easy access to all pertinent information regarding their loans.

NetSuite Customer Portal Enhancement

We also enhanced the customer portal to allow customers to view and manage their loans, request disbursements for vendors, and to make pay downs against the loan and more.

NetSuite Opportunity Enhancements

The final component of our solution was integration with NetSuite Opportunity Management. This allowed customers to track loan underwriting and pre-sign off project activities, as well as providing visibility into all stages of the loan process.

The Result

NetSuite Customization Deep Dive

Our extensive experience in NetSuite Development enabled us to provide the customer with a robust Loan Management solution that was tailored specifically to their needs. We were able to quickly and effectively develop a solution that met all of our customers’ requirements, resulting in a streamlined and user-friendly loan management system. The client is now able to quickly process loan requests, manage customer accounts and access key information with ease.

With the Loan Management solution in place, the client was able to reduce their underwriting process from 15 days, to 3 days. Similarly, their loan reporting routines went from 1 week, to having the information available in real-time via financial reports, in-line editable saved searches as well as through dashboard views.

About CEBA Solution's NetSuite Customization and Development Capabilities

CEBA Solutions has extensive experience in developing and customizing NetSuite for clients with unique needs. We are well-versed in all aspects of the platform, from creating custom forms and transaction types to integrating third-party applications. Our team understands the importance of building a solution that meets each client’s individual requirements while still providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience. We pride ourselves on providing clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions that increase their ROI in NetSuite.

If you have any questions about our NetSuite customization or development capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you create the perfect solution for your business.

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