Exploring the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform

NetSuite offers one of the most comprehensive set of tools on the market when it comes to customizing the platform. NetSuite's SuiteCloud Development Platform (SDP) provides a complete set of tools to allow developers to tailor the NetSuite application to their specific business needs.

In this article, we will explore in depth the various components of the SuiteCloud Development Platform, how they work together, and some of the benefits that they offer.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform

The first component we will look at is the NetSuite Application Server. The NetSuite Application Server is a web-based application server that provides the infrastructure necessary to run NetSuite applications. It is responsible for handling all incoming requests from clients, processing them, and then sending the results back to the client.

The next component is the NetSuite Database Server. The NetSuite Database Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that stores all of the data for your NetSuite account. It is used to keep track of your customer information, financial data, inventory, etc.

The third component is the NetSuite User Interface (UI) Server. The NetSuite UI Server is a web server that provides the user interface for the NetSuite applications. It is responsible for rendering the HTML pages that make up the NetSuite user interface.

The fourth and final component of the SuiteCloud Development Platform is the NetSuite Web Services API. The NetSuite Web Services API is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to access the functionality of the NetSuite applications from outside of the NetSuite environment.

What is the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Framework?

The NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform is a comprehensive set of tools and services that work in conjunction with the application servers, databases, user interface servers, and integration points that enable developers to create, deploy, and manage custom applications on the NetSuite cloud computing platform. It includes everything from a powerful IDE to a suite of pre-built components and libraries, making it an ideal platform for building sophisticated business applications.

The SuiteCloud Development Framework Includes:


SuiteBuilder is a drag-and-drop application builder that makes it easy to create custom NetSuite applications without writing any code. Using SuiteBuilder, you can quickly build applications that include features such as data entry forms, reports, and dashboards.


SuiteFlow is a workflow management tool that enables you to automate business processes within your NetSuite applications. Using SuiteFlow, you can define rules and conditions that trigger actions, such as sending email notifications or updating records.


SuiteAnalytics is a business intelligence tool that provides users with access to powerful reporting and data visualization capabilities. With SuiteAnalytics, you can create sophisticated reports and dashboards that provide insight into your business operations.


SuiteScript is a JavaScript-based programming language that enables you to customize and extend your NetSuite applications. Using SuiteScript, you can add new functionality to your applications, or modify existing functionality to meet your specific business needs.

SuiteCloud IDE

The SuiteCloud IDE is a plugin for the Eclipse development environment that adds support for developing NetSuite applications. The IDE provides a set of tools for working with NetSuite data, including a schema browser, data import/export wizard, and SQL query builder.


SuiteTalk is a SOAP-based web services API that enables you to access data and functionality within NetSuite. Using SuiteTalk, you can create custom integrations with third-party applications, or build standalone applications that use NetSuite data.


SuiteBundler is a tool for packaging and deploying custom NetSuite applications. With SuiteBundler, you can create a single package that contains all of the files and resources necessary to deploy your application.

SuiteCloud Connect

SuiteCloud Connect is a tool for connecting NetSuite to third-party applications. Using SuiteCloud Connect, you can synchronize data between NetSuite and your other applications, or create real-time integrations that allow you to access NetSuite data from within your other applications.

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What are the benefits of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform?

The benefits of using the SuiteCloud Development Platform are many. First, it allows developers to customize the NetSuite applications to their specific business needs without necessarily having to write any code. Second, it provides a set of powerful tools and services for managing and deploying custom applications. Third, it offers a suite of pre-built components and libraries that can be used to extend the functionality of NetSuite applications. Finally, it enables developers to access the full power of the NetSuite cloud computing platform. With these benefits, the SuiteCloud Development Platform is an ideal platform for building sophisticated business applications.

What are SuiteApps?

SuiteApps are add-on applications that extend the functionality of NetSuite. SuiteApps are developed by NetSuite partners and are available for purchase (or for free) from the NetSuite AppStore. There are three different categories of SuiteApp depending on the nature of the integration technology.

These are:

Built for NetSuite Native SuiteApps

BFNNs are SuiteApps that are developed using the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform and are therefore native to NetSuite. Native SuiteApps can be integrated seamlessly with other NetSuite applications and take advantage of the full power of the NetSuite platform.

Built for NetSuite Hybrid SuiteApps

BFNHs are SuiteApps that use both the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform and the REST API. Hybrid SuiteApps can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and offer the flexibility to connect to data sources outside of NetSuite.

Built for NetSuite Integrated SuiteApps

BFNIs are SuiteApps that use the REST API to connect to NetSuite data. Integrated SuiteApps offer the simplest way to connect to NetSuite data from within another application and do not require the use of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform.

Each category of SuiteApp has its own unique benefits and trade-offs, so it’s important to choose the right type of app for your needs.

How do I get started with the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform?

If you’re a developer who wants to start building custom applications on the SuiteCloud Development Platform, the first step is to sign up for a free Developer Edition account. This will give you access to all of the tools and resources you need to get started, including the SuiteCloud IDE, the SuiteTalk web services API, and the SuiteBundler tool. Once you have a Developer Edition account, you can begin developing your applications immediately.

If you’re not a developer, but you want to learn more about the SuiteCloud Development Platform, you can check out the NetSuite Developer Network website. This website offers a variety of resources for learning about the platform, including video tutorials, sample code, and community forums.

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