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NetSuite for the
E-Vehicle Industry

Learn why more e-Vehicle manufacturers, distributors and retailers are turning to NetSuite to modernize their IT and ERP ecosystem.

A Complete Solution for your
E-Vehicle Business

Electric vehicles (e-vehicles) is a rapidly maturing automobile industry sector.  Consumers, businesses, and governments are buying up the latest models of electric cars, trucks, vans, and buses. Companies selling these e-vehicles need the latest technology in e-commerce to facilitate these transactions.

CEBA Solutions offers expert business application integrations that will help boost sales as well as increase profit and efficiency.  These solutions let you track and monitor your vehicles through every step of the process, from sourcing, manufacturing, order management, shipment, and accounting.

A Unified Platform that Provides Real Time Inventory and Financials

Integrate your webstore with NetSuite or leverage NetSuite Omnichannel ecommerce solution.

Benefits of NetSuite for e-Vehicle Businesses

NetSuite is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that runs in the cloud. It's offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), so there's no hardware to buy or complex software to install and maintain. You log into NetSuite using your web browser and instantly have access to the latest features and functionality with no need for upgrades or patching.


Some of the benefits of using NetSuite for the E-Vehicle Industry include:

  • NetSuite will give you a real-time view of your business

  • The solution is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your specific needs

  • NetSuite integrates all aspects of your business, including ecommerce, CRM, and financials

  • NetSuite is available anywhere there's an internet connection

  • The solution is scalable, so it can grow with your business

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Benfits of NetSuite

Financial Management 

NetSuite's financial management features give you real-time visibility into your company's financial performance. You can manage your books, run reports, and create financial statements.

Order Management

With NetSuite's order management features, you can manage your sales orders from start to finish. You can track inventory levels, process returns, and issue refunds.

Shipping and Fulfillment

NetSuite's shipping and fulfillment features let you manage your inventory levels and process orders efficiently. You can also track your shipments and monitor your delivery times.

Inventory & ERP

NetSuite offers both basic and advanced inventory management functionality, including serialized and lot tracked inventory as well as sophisticated warehouse management automations.

Features of NetSuite for the
E-Vehicle Industry

Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite's customer relationship management (CRM) features help you manage your customer relationships. You can track leads, contact customers, and manage your sales pipeline.


NetSuite's SuiteFlow feature helps you automate your business processes. You can create workflows to automate tasks such as order approvals and invoicing.​

Manufacturing Management

NetSuite's manufacturing management features give you visibility into your manufacturing process. You can track inventory levels, manage production schedules, and monitor quality control.

Demand and Supply Planning

NetSuite's demand and supply planning features help you forecast your sales and manage your inventory levels. You can create demand plans, supply plans, and inventory plans.

Business Impacts of NetSuite for E-Vehicle Companies

If your eVehicle business is not using NetSuite, you are missing out on the many benefits a complete ERP solution can offer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your business and improve your bottom line.

  • Keep accurate track of inventory - no more cutting and pasting into spreadsheets

  • Seamless flow of customer orders from your ecommerce site to NetSuite

  • Integrations with 3PL's for automated release of order for shipping and capturing of tracking numbers

  • Accept prepayments from customers or vendors

  • Multi-currency with up-to-date exchange rates

  • Global taxation built in for easy tax compliance

  • Build assembly items to track kits or products that are built to order

  • Flexible Bill of Materials (BOM) to support configurable product offerings

  • Serial and lot number tracking for strict inventory control

  • Set up special order processes for made-to-order, drop-ship, and back-ordered items

  • Advanced shipping rules to automate order release for shipping

  • Vendor Collaboration Portal to give your vendors visibility into purchase orders, invoices, and payments

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A Unified Business Management Platform

​A robust set of integrations with your supply chain network means more accurate accounting and inventory and less busy work. It eradicates human input errors and increases the satisfaction of both employees who use it as well as the customers that benefit from it.

Real Time

Have one version of the truth. Leverage NetSuite's inbuilt dashboards and analytics.


Integrate with your current webstore (Shopify, Magento) or leverage NetSuite SuiteCommerce.


Provide the tools needed to streamline the buying process, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities. Marry the supply side with the buy side through integration with vendors, distributors, and manufacturing entities, all within the NetSuite platform

Service and Support

Offer solutions for self-service support to your buyers while empowering your team to meet customer needs with detailed case management, efficient returns and installed base tracking.

Connect your Supply Chain

Connect Contract Manufacturers, Suppliers and your 3PLS

Reduce Manual Effort

Eliminate double entry and costly mistakes by leveraging inherent best practices and a connected suite of applications.

Solve Real Problems

Real time Inventory visibility across all warehouses

A 360 customer visibility including purchase history and buying behavior

An elimination of manual processing and rekeying of orders

Timely processing of orders

Management of gift cards and associated balances

Real time financials including bank deposit


Business Software That Grows
as Fast as You

You’re all about growth. Your software should be too. With NetSuite and CEBA Solutions, your company will scale effortlessly on a product that’s delivered proven results for more than a decade.  Contact us to find out more.

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