Whats in the Guide?


CHAPTER 1: What is NetSuite and Who is Oracle?

Get introduced to the world of NetSuite and its parent company, Oracle. Learn how they're changing the landscape of cloud-based business solutions.


CHAPTER 2: A History of NetSuite

Uncover the origins of NetSuite and how it has evolved into the industry-leading platform it is today.


CHAPTER 3: NetSuite Editions by Industry

Discover the different industry-specific editions of NetSuite designed to cater to your unique business needs.


CHAPTER 4: NetSuite Modules & Features

Delve into the diverse modules and features that NetSuite offers, and learn how to leverage them to boost your business performance.


CHAPTER 5: NetSuite Integration Options

Explore the seamless integration possibilities with NetSuite to create a unified and efficient system for your organization.


CHAPTER 6: NetSuite Customization Options

Unleash the full potential of NetSuite by customizing it to fit your exact requirements and preferences.


CHAPTER 7: What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

Learn about the SuiteSuccess methodology and how it can help your business implement NetSuite with ease and precision.


CHAPTER 8: NetSuite Partner Community

Discover the power of partnering with the NetSuite community and how it can benefit your business journey.


CHAPTER 9: NetSuite Evaluation Process Explained

Understand the step-by-step process of evaluating and selecting the right NetSuite solution for your business.


CHAPTER 10: NetSuite Implementation Best Practices

Master the best practices to ensure a smooth and successful NetSuite implementation.


CHAPTER 11: Managing Your Live NetSuite Account

Gain insights on how to effectively manage and maintain your NetSuite account for optimal performance.


CHAPTER 12: Continuous Improvement

Embrace the concept of continuous improvement and learn how to keep your NetSuite system up-to-date and optimized.

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