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NetSuite for the
Software & Technology Industry

Learn why more software and technology companies are turning to NetSuite to modernize their IT and ERP ecosystem.

Software Programmer

Leading Practices for Software & Technology Companies

The Scalable Foundation for Modern Technology Companies

With thousands of successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of software, internet and other high tech businesses and the many challenges they face.

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Benefits of NetSuite for Technology and Software Companies:


A scalable solution that can grow with your business


Powerful functionality to support your business processes


Industry-specific features and functionality


A low total cost of ownership


Technology and software companies are under constant pressure to innovate and grow. They need a scalable, flexible business management solution that can grow with them to succeed. NetSuite is that solution.

A Business Management Platform Built for Software Companies

NetSuite provides the functionality, technology, and software companies need to manage their businesses effectively. From accounting and financials to project and resource management, NetSuite gives companies the visibility and control they need to manage their business in real time.


In addition, NetSuite offers industry-specific features and functionality that are designed to meet the unique needs of technology and software companies. These include:


  • Software as a service (SaaS) billing

  • Revenue Recognition automation

  • Advanced Financial Management

  • Multi Subsidiary Management


NetSuite also provides a low total cost of ownership, making it an affordable solution for growing companies. With NetSuite, you only pay for the users and functionality you need, so you can save money as your business grows.

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Customers have long turned to NetSuite as their cloud ERP of choice

Features of NetSuite for Software Companies

Software companies need a business management solution to keep up with their fast-paced, ever-changing industry. NetSuite is that solution. With its robust functionality, industry-specific features, and low total cost of ownership, NetSuite is the perfect foundation on which to build your growing business.

Streamline Billing

Automate billing across multiple revenue streams—subscription, product, usage and services.

Optimize Recurring Revenue

Manage recurring revenue with powerful solutions for both SaaS and perpetual license providers.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate with your existing CRM for complete lead-to-cash automation.


Manage all your customer subscription contracts, renewals, cross sells and upsells.


Solve complex revenue recognition challenges and comply with evolving standards.

Automate Professional Services

Leverage SuiteCloud to customize for today and future-proof your investment.

NetSuite is Flexible 

Built on the industry-leading SuiteCloud Platform, NetSuite can be customized to fit your unique business needs.

NetSuite is Scalable

As your company grows, NetSuite scales with you—without the headaches and high costs of on-premise software.

NetSuite is Powerful

With NetSuite, you get the power of an enterprise-level ERP system without the complexity or high price tag.

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Business Software That Grows as Fast as You


​You’re all about growth. Your software should be too. With NetSuite and CEBA Solutions, your company will scale effortlessly on a product that’s delivered proven results for over a decade. 


NetSuite has been the world’s leading cloud ERP for more than 20 years, and CEBA Solutions is a NetSuite Partner and Solution Provider with more than 10 years of experience. We’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours grow on NetSuite.


When you’re ready to take your company to the next level, we’ll be here to help.

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