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NetSuite Shipstation Integration

Seamlessly integrate Shipstation with NetSuite

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Integrating Shipstation with NetSuite

NetSuite is the world’s most deployed cloud-based ERP system, used by over 24,000 organizations across 160 countries. It offers a complete suite of integrated business applications, including Financials, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and eCommerce.


Shipstation is the leading web-based shipping solution for eCommerce businesses. It streamlines your shipping operations by integrating with all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more.


The integration between Shipstation and NetSuite enables you to:


• Automatically send new orders from NetSuite to Shipstation for processing


• Receive tracking information and shipping status updates back from Shipstation in NetSuite


• Save time and eliminate errors with seamless, real-time integration between your two systems

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Your Ship Has Arrived

CEBA Solutions has developed a turnkey integration seamlessly connecting NetSuite with Shipstation, allowing you to manage all your complex order management and shipping services without duplicates, errors, or manual updates. 

Automate your order releases from NetSuite to Shipstation.  Once the order has been shipped, the carrier tracking information will be sent to NetSuite.  Our integration also supports Lot and Serialization. 

Shipstation integration benefits include:
Finds the lowest shipping rates with over 30 domestic and international carriers
Saves you time with customizable order workflows and batch shipping tools
Eliminates errors with real-time tracking information and automatic shipping updates in NetSuite
Streamlines workflows to reduce bottlenecks
Customer communication with your branding
Real-time updates, alerts, and analytics
Pricing and inventory updates
Your Ship Has Arrived
Order picker

Who Needs Shipstation?

If you are an SME selling physical goods, your business has expanded from your garage or small warehouse. Perhaps you are now drop-shipping or working with multiple suppliers. You might have a small team to help with customer service, fulfillment, and accounting.


How do you keep track of your sales and inventory across all your channels?


NetSuite's Order Management module allows you to manage sales orders from any channel in one place. Use rules-based order automation to streamline your fulfillment process, from order capture and approval to shipping and invoicing.

Take the pressure off your supply chain, reduce stress, and increase customer satisfaction by connecting Shipstation to NetSuite via our integration.

Our integration connects the backend of a busy supply chain department, giving you time back to you to focus on growth, not logistics. 


Shipstation Users Enjoy A Wide Range of Benefits


  • Low-cost setup fee
  • Transparent monthly pricing
  • No long-term contracts
  • 30-day free trial
  • Ongoing support from NetSuite and CEBA Solutions

Business Software That Grows as Fast as You

You’re all about growth. Your software should be too. With NetSuite and CEBA Solutions, your company will scale effortlessly on a product that’s delivered proven results for more than a decade.  Contact Us to find out more.

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